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     HeBei Amulite Building Material (Group) Co.,Ltd is a large-scale Manufacturer Group of indoor decoration material in China,producing Mineral Wool Acoustic Board,Glass Wool Acoustic Ceiling Board,PVC Gypsum Board and Painted Gypsum Ceiling Board ,Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panels For Ceiling And Wall and T-Grids. Our company has advantage of advanced Technology, well-equipped and skilled, standardized management, advanced product technology . 

     Our Company Group Goal Is To Make Biggest Indoor Decoration Material Supplier In China ,Let Client All Over The World Can Enjoy The One Station Buying From Our Group ,Provide With Client More Products Choice And Best After Sale Service ,We Are Together With All Client To Grow And Develop !

     Our company Group is located in  Hebei, the biggest decoration materials production base in China. Our company covers an area of 50000 square meters and has more than 500 employees, 50 senior technical staff. Our company can produce Knurling embossing, Anaglyph, Printing, Spraying, such as Three-dimensional Compression six categories dozen varieties.

      Mineral Fiber Acoustic Ceiling Board is the advanced decorative (light-construction) material which has the features of Decoration, Sound absorption, Fireproof, Preventing cold and hot, Energy-saving and Insulation. Now Along With China Government Policy To Upgrade Factory Technology And Improve Factory's Environmental Protection Level ,Government request all China Factory to be Good Quality Supplier,Not Only Cheap Goods Supplier ,Quality Goods In Future Will Take More Market ,And Quality Goods Can Let Factory Move Forward More Far ,Based On Government's Policy,Our Mineral Fiber Acoustic Ceiling Board team has started to Change to Medium And High Grade Mineral Fiber Ceiling Board Manufactuer,Our Engineers Team has started to do Research and technology improving from 2016, Now For Above 12MM Thickness Mineral Fiber Ceiling Board,We Are Mainly Promoting Our RH90,RH95,RH99 As High Grade Mineral Fiber Ceiling Board In Domestic And Export Market ,Quality Is similar With Armstrong,USG,AMF Ceiling,In Near Future ,Market Will Take More And More High Standard Quality Goods !   

      Glass Wool Acoustic Ceiling Board has good features of NRC Performance,High RH,Fire Resistance Class A ,Light Weight Material Which Occupy Big Market Shares in High Grade Project ; Making Higher Standard Quality Of Glass Wool Acoustic Ceiling Board,let quality be similar with Ecophon Ceiling;

        Vinyl PVC Gypsum Ceiling Board is laminated PVC Film and Alu Foil with Gypsum Board,such Ceiling Board has good water resistant Performance and many different design choice ,and with lower cost in the market has good market shares with lower cost ;For Lower Cost Project ,there will be more and more market for Vinyl PVC Gypsum Ceiling Board .

         Painted Gypsum Ceiling Board,this products is our own-patented product,in China only our company can produce the Painted Gypsum Ceiling Board,named as Painted Gypsum Ceiling Board,because the painting process and treatment is same with painting process with Mineral Fiber Ceiling Board plants,but the painting material is gypsum board,gypsum board and mineral fiber ceiling board has different raw material composition, to make same painting performance,need special adjustment on painting plant and drying house ,this takes high technology , our company has advantage of professional engineers for mineral fiber ceiling board and gypsum board,which help us to produce this products successfully ,for Painted Gypsum Ceiling Board,it can make same design with Mineral Fiber Ceiling Board,but cost is much lower ,so now it becomes more and more popular all over the world,The thickness for Painted Gypsum Ceiling Board is 7mm-12mm ,can give client more choice for new ceiling installation  ;

        Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panels is our new product,it is an ideal decorative sound absorption material,the raw materials is 100% polyester ,such panels has good advantages of Sound-Absorbing,Environmental-Protection,Fire Resistant,Insulation,Thermal Insulation,Moisture-Proof,Anti-Mildew,Easy Clean,Easy Cutting,Easy To Create Exclusive Design,Easy To Install,Good Stability, Good Shock Resistance,Good Independence,Competitive Price;there is many different colors to do free choice ,can satisfy different style and different level soundproof and decoration project demand;it can mix to make different style to install ,there are many different shapes ,like Plain,Pyramid,Square,Rectangle,Wide Strip,Slim Strip and so on.panels can be folded into a curved shape to make indoor design more flexible,show more nice 3D Effect.Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panels is made from 100% polyester Fiber as raw materials ,panels is compressed by high temperature into panel shape,have good characteristics of diverse density,sound absorption,fire resistant,non-toxic,no stimulation,no smell,no formaldehyde ;Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panels has become one good choice to replace decoration sound absorption products made from glass fiber and mineral fiber .
        All Our Ceiling And Wall Products as the senior indoor decoration material is mainly used in the interior decoration of the upmarket buildings, such as hotels,restaurants, shopping malls, theaters, dance halls, cinemas, railway stations, auditorium, offices, living rooms, offices, electronic room, precise equipment room and the residential construction industry. We have supplied thousands of customers home and abroad over the years. 
      Our company has passed ISO9001:2008 certificate of quality management system certification and ISO14001:2008 certificate of enviorment management system certification, we also got the CE certificate in 2010. Nowdays our products have been exported to many countries and regions, like USA, Canada, England, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Latin Amercian Contries Like Peru,Chile,Colombia,Venezuela,Panama,Ukraine, Russia, South Africa, Australia, India, Korea, Singapore, HongKong, Taiwan ect.so we enjoy high reputation all over the world. 
     Our company's purpose : Honoring contracts, Defend prestige, Customers First, Equality and Mutual benefit, and we sincerely hope to cooperate with more customers home and abroad. Our entrepreneurial spirit is to develop first-class quality products,provide first-class service. We will give you the best service and best quality products with our heart.
      Moreover our products are both good in quality and reasonable in price. Honesty is the our principle, quality is our life.Our Company Group develops to an inter-national and professional building materials company step by step. 

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